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increase inbound leads for your business, help visitors connect with you with a single tap.

Sanskar Tiwari

Founder & Creator

Hey there ๐Ÿ‘‹ Need help? I'm here for you, so just Click2Contact.

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Easy to Integrate

Less than 6 lines of code to add to body and edit all the details via google sheet

Click2Contact can be added to webflow, clickfunnels, wix, wordpress, shopify and more...

Henry Hoe Yong Zhi

I've used this on my insurance business, and I have to say we get so much more leads this way. You'd be surprised by the results. I think because the lead gets to contact you via the channel that they are conformable with. Definitely recommend this.

Help website visitors to contact you immediately and without effort.

Most successful business begins with a conversation. Offer the contact channels your visitors already use on a daily base. Setup Takes less than 15 minutes


Make a copy Google Sheet

Use the Google Template and Make a copy.


Get code & Add to website

Add code to header of your website be it webflow, clickfunnels, wix, wordpress, shopify and more.


Get it Live

Just add/update the info in the google sheet and it will be instantly reflected to the website widget.

Click2Contact Channels

We support 9 channels and always open to add more if needed just send a mail to ๐Ÿ‘


๐Ÿ”ฅ Expect On average 41% open rate | 23% conversation

Add Click2Contact to your website

No Coding Required. Hassle Free, Will be live in less than 15min. Plans available for both bussiness and agency.

Single Licence


  • Use Click2Contact on 1 domain
  • 10,000 Page Views/month
  • 500 Interactions/month Each
  • All Contact Channels Included
  • Unlimited Buttons
  • 30-day No questions asked refund policy

Need more licences? Get in touch with us and weโ€™ll find the best solution for you.

We are loved by Local bussiness, Realtors, Insurance Agents and many more

Click2Contact - Connecting visitors to businesses with a single tap | Product Hunt

The application is easy to use and cheap. You only manage the widget through Google Sheets. I was able to create a contact widget within 5 minutes to my website. It works and looks nice :) 5/5!.

Jon review blurweb app

Click2contact is delightfully simple, straightforward, and loaded with functionality that is awesome, editing the widget through Google Sheets is extremely simple to use, and fairly easy to set up. It was super simple to make a Contact widget on my website in 5 minutes.

Jakob Bader review blurweb app

I wholeheartedly recommend using it! The application is very easy to configure and solves a simple need. The user can choose by which method he wants to communicate with the site. It is effective and looks good. I wholeheartedly recommend using it!.

Jakob Bader review blurweb app
Ulmeanu Adrian -

I am super happy about Click2contact, I have used many chat bots and all of them were using resources, I was looking for a light weight and very simple to configure script to allow website visitors to contact me using popular networks. The script looks great and you can decide with conditional logic in which page to show it. Well done to the creator Sanskar!.

Roberto Ciccolella -

I have been using click2contact on my website. Initially I used to have 3 plugins to connect my website visitors to us through Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype, etc. and it was cumbersome maintaining all those. With click2contact its very easy to manage my customers, I am not a technical person, but it looks like it is very fast when compared to the earlier tools. Configuration is easy as everything is done through google sheet. Beyond, Customer care is awesome, they solve my queries immediately. Now I am planning to migrate my 4 other websites to click2contact.

Venkatesh Balasubramanian -

This is a delightfully simple, straightforward setup that really offers some nice features. I've tried a number of solutions to do what I want, but this is y far the easiest and covers all the options I want. The instructions to set it up are clear, and my questions have been asked quickly, and my mistakes were pointed out in a friendly way. The author is also willing to listen to suggestions and explore how the idea might be made even more flexible, but I'm really happy with how it works at this point and I grabbed 3 codes. I like the simple way I can adapt it to suit the details of each site I am using it on. I'll update the review once it's had some more "real world" exposure and I see how it performs when installed on all my sites.


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